The easiest and simplest devices for measuring current


- Safe & simple current measurement


- for retrofit installation just clip SXDs around the cable


- for new installation, no need for CTs, clip XDs onto the rail & pass the cable through the hole


- current measurement - 4-20mA or 0-5Vdc outputs - mean sensing or true RMS


- energy management - pulse output meter replacement


- earth leakage measurement - 4-20mA true RMS from 5mA (XD-R420-0)


- motor control ON / OFF and failure sensing


- actuators - operation / failure


- lamp failure - multiple lamps can be monitored with a single XD



the simplest device possible for measuring current. For minimising stocking, each transducer may be connected for 5 Amp or 1 Amp input. Neat slim and easy to use. Applicatons include:


- Motor Control

- Failure Detection, including

Heating Coils

Lighting Circuits


- Energy Management


Control Systems


Where the application is for lower or higher currents, the XD range of transducers can directly measure currents from 5mA to 250 Amp.


Minature Transducers for mounting on standard DIN Rails

Designed specifically for retro-fit applications


- simple and quick to install


- indicator LEDs & added measurements to ensure Right First Time installation


- supplied with split core 333mV CTs 100 Amp to 1200 Amp


- Universal Connection 1Ø, 2Ø, 3Ø - 90 - 480 V 3Ø Line/Line


- Modbus RTU Communications


- comprehensive energy and power measurement


- import and export energies


- kW and current demands


- neutral current


- true rms measurement to the 25th harmonic


- individual harmonics to the 15th

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