MultiCube 950 - 3 X

Multifunction Sub-Meters in one

MultiCube 650 - 2 X

Multifunction Sub-Meters in one

Standard Features


・950 Measures 3x 3Ø, 9x 1Ø circuits or any combination


・650 Measures 2x 3Ø, 6x 1Ø circuits or any combination


・RJ12 to RJ12 CT connections


・Only 1 voltage & 1 comms connection to make per MultiCube


・Combine CT types on a MultiCube


・Wide range of mV CTs & Rogowski Ropes from 5Amp to 3500Amp


・Auto CT rotation ・Auto CT ratio recognition ・Crossed phase warning


・Demands & alarms


・Wide range auxiliary supply -100-240vac


・Single voltage input range - 100V-480V


・Class 0.5



・Lower cost per meter point on 950 & 650


・Reduced installation time by up to 50-75%


・Space saving 3 in 1 panel mount case - 650, 2 in 1


・Reduced installation errors


・Powerful feature rich options


・Flexible input options



・MODBUS - instantaneous updates & 20 reads per second


・Correct installation check


・MODBUS+ 100mS reading updates




・THD & Individual Harmonics to 63rd


・Virtual Residual or Summating Meter


・Class 0.2s

Model Options


・MultiCube 950mV - 3x 3Ø meters in 1


・MultiCube 650mV - 2x 3Ø meters in 1

Download Multicube 950 and 650 Information

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